First Sunday of Each Month

The first Sunday of each month is Connect Sunday, which focuses more on fellowship and encouragement in groups of like-minded followers of Jesus. Here are some general age ranges, but feel free to join any group you’d like!

  • College - Room 305 | Pastor Matt McGahen

  • 20s & 30s - Conference Room | Bobby Ulrich

  • 30s & 40s - Room 210 | Glenn Wagemann

  • 50s & 60s - Room 114 | John Comstock

  • 70s & up - Room 401 | Pastor Paul MacDonald

  • Cross-generational - Worship Center | Scott MacDonald

  • Sunday Sisters (women only) - Room 116 | Pat Anderson & Mary Martin

All Other Sundays

On the remaining Sundays of each month (2nd-4th), we usually have a variety of classes during Grow Hour, but for the fall, we are all learning together in the Worship Center. No need to sign up, or worry about what you’ve missed so far. Just show up; the Lord has something for you!

  • They Love God but Not the Church - Worship Center | Pastor Paul MacDonald
    Many people today, especially among emerging generations, don’t resonate with the church and organized Christianity. Some are leaving the church and others were never part of the church in the first place. Sometimes it’s because of misperceptions about the church. Yet often they are still spiritually open and fascinated with Jesus. We are going through Dan Kimball’s video series together and discussing these ideas. If you’d like, you can purchase the book and/or the participant’s guide on Amazon or at your local bookstore.