You Are Welcome Here

No matter what your background is with church — whether it’s your first time, or you grew up in a specific denomination, you just moved and had to leave a church you loved, or you have some baggage — it’s totally natural to feel a little nervous when going someplace new. We want you to know that you are welcome here. You don’t have to act differently or pretend to be something you’re not. We are a warm, friendly church. Let us know how we can help you feel at home.

Sunday Schedule

  • 9:00am - (Worship Hour) worship & message in the sanctuary

  • 10:15am - (Break) grab some coffee/tea & cookies, and spend some time chatting

  • 10:30am - (Grow Hour) choose from a variety of different Sunday School classes for all ages

  • 6:00pm - (Bible Study) teaching from 1 & 2 Chronicles


The dress at Berean is generally casual; we have people who like to dress up a little more and others who like to come very relaxed. Come as you are. What really matters to us is that we get a chance to get to know you, whether you’re rocking a sweater-vest, skinny jeans, or Italian silk tie.

The Sermon

Our messages focus on the Bible and what it teaches. The services are designed to help you get your focus on God and set an atmosphere of worship inviting you to be open to what God has for you today.


Our style is a blend of modern, classic, and original music programmed to speak to a broad cross-section of people. We aim for joyful, authentic, meaningful worship.


We provide free, safe, gospel-centered childcare during the Worship Hour & Grow Hour.


Most of us find it easier to interact with others once we've had a cup of coffee or three. We’ll have coffee & cookies after the service, but please feel free to bring your latte, herbal tea, water or whatever into the worship center.