What We Believe

Here at Berean, we are very passionate about 3 things: Jesus, the Bible, and People

  1. Jesus - We really strive to make Jesus the focus and the center of everything we do.

  2. The Bible - We believe this to be God’s word. We believe that it is authoritative for our lives, and we really found everything from our teaching and preaching from the Bible. It doesn’t matter as much what a commentary or a Christian author thinks. We’re interested in what God thinks and what his Word says. We encourage the members of our church to study the Bible on their own and not just take it in here on a Sunday without taking it in throughout the week.

  3. People - We love people, and we believe that as Christians, part of our mission is to love the people around us. Certainly, that includes the people in our congregation. Our culture is warm and friendly. But even more than that, we continually explore ways to love our community in Spokane & Spokane Valley better.

If you’d like more information or have specific questions about what we believe, please contact Pastor Paul.